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Single Ply Roofing

Single Ply Roofs are ballasted, mechanically attached or adhered to insulation or other substrates. Read More


Vegetative Garden Roofs and PV Panels


Garden & Green Roofing

Garden Vegetative Roofs, Cool Roofs, Photovoltaic Panels, Soar Thermal and Wind Power on Roofs provide energy efficiency or energy production. Read More



Built-Up & Modified Bitumen

Built-Up Roofing consists of layers of asphalt or coal-tar pitch, (bitumen) hot or cold applied in between layers of a reinforcing plies, fabric, felt or mat. Read More


Shingle Roofs


Shingle, Wood Shake, Metal Roofs

In the Chicago area, fiberglass asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material used by steep-slope roofing contractors. Read More


Waterproofing and Dampproofing


Waterproofing & Dampproofing

CRC contractors understand the complexity of all types of waterproofing and get the installation done right the first time to the manufacturers installation instructions. Read More



Slate & Tile Roofing

Slate is one of the finest roofing materials that can be used and Tile provides proven performance with virtually limitless variety. Read More


Why use a Chicagoland Roofing Council Roofing Contractor?


Value on the roof

Life Cycle Savings – CRC Contractors install roofs that can save energy. They understand that energy saving, long lasting roofs mean lower building operating costs and long term value.

Contractor, Owner & Manager Value

CRC Contractors have the resources to service your needs during and after installations. That's roofing, waterproofing and air barriers. CRC companies generations of roofing knowledge is passed down meaning installation and maintenance efficiencies for client buildings.

Service the Customer

CRC Contractors have long time employees who know your roof and building. This means efficiency, performance and reliability resulting in a roof that protects for years.

Value in Education and Training

Roofing, Waterproofing and Air Barrier installation is a skilled trade that requires working safely and productively at one or 100 stories above grade, below grade, and on the side of buildings.. CRC Contractors' roofers receive education opportunities second to none to build a culture of productivity and safe work practices.

Industry Leadership

CRC Contractors search worldwide to discover new product and processes that bring the best value and service to building owner and manager customers.

Value to the community

CRC Contractors are long term residents in the community in which they operate. CRC Contractors and Employees give back to the community.


CRC Contractors are Chicagoland's Best Value, Best Roofs, All Year Long, That's Why!


Mission Statment

Chicagoland Roofing Council Professional Contractors are partnered with their educated workforce to provide and maintain Roofing, Waterproofing and Air Barrier Systems.

Chicagoland Roofing Council Professional Contractors have the experience, technical, operational and financial resources to get the job done right.


Value Statement

Chicagoland Roofing Council Professional Contractors Lead the industry in Garden Vegetative Roofs, Light Color and Reflective Roofs, Pavers, Photovoltaic Solar Panels, and anything else that happens on the Roof, Below Grade Waterproofing and Air Barriers for Wall Assemblies.

Chicagoland Roofing Council Professional Contractors provide a trained workforce with initial and ongoing career education, to provide weatherproof protection on commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings throughout the Chicagoland Area and beyond.

Chicagoland Roofing Council Professional Contractors install and maintain commercial, residential, industrial and institutional roofing, waterproofing and air barriers in Chicagoland.

Chicagoland Roofing Council

The Chicagoland Roofing Council Professional Contractors lead the industry in rooftop installations. CRC Contractors work with Vegetative Garden Roofs, Light Colored Reflective Cool Roofs, Ballasted and Gravelled Roofs, Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installation, has protected Chicago Landmarks like McCormick Place, City Hall and more. CRC's main function is to promote the professionalism, culture of efficiency, safety, and productivity, expertise, and reliability of these dedicated contractors who provide the Best Value, Best Roofs, All Year Long.

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